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Homeowners Insurance in Honeoye Falls, NY

Naples, NY, and Rushville, NY

When you need to protect what is most likely your largest asset—your dwelling—from the risk of loss, choosing the right insurance agent is vital. Mitchell-Joseph is your local Insurance Agent in Honeoye Falls, NY, Naples, NY, Rushville, NY, and surrounding Rochester, NY, areas. We understand all aspects of Home Insurance. Every home is unique––different sizes, qualities, ages, locations, and on and on. Because we are an independent insurance agency that represents 24 individual insurance carriers, we are able to offer you comparative quotes and tailor your homeowner’s insurance policy specifically for your home. Our Naples, NY, Rushville, NY, and Honeoye Falls Insurance agents are always happy to review your current homeowner’s insurance policy with you to ensure that you have the right coverage for your particular needs. simply CONTACT US to schedule an appointment.  


Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Agency not only focuses on insuring your house and its contents, but we also make sure that you're adequately covered against liability. Let's say a guest falls down your stairs or trips over a crumbling concrete walkway and sustains serious injury. We make sure you have enough insurance coverage so that you're not forced to pay out-of-pocket.

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Man holding bucket in his home catching water from the ceiling during a flood


The best time to prepare for a flood is well before the waters rise. But many people are not aware that their Homeowner’s Insurance policy doesn’t necessarily cover flooding. Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Agency will design a policy that protects your home, its physical contents, and assets from damages resulting from flooding.


Many homeowners are not aware that while you're digging in your back yard to plant a tree, and you accidentally dig cut into a utility line, your Homeowners Insurance will not cover damages. But, there is an endorsement to your Homeowners policy that will protect you from incidences such as damage to electrical power lines, water lines, gas or fuel lines, cable service lines, and more. This type of policy is called Service Line Insurance — also known as Utility Line or Buried Utility Line Insurance and Mitchell-Joseph Insurance with three New York locations, offers it.

Person digging in yard on grass with a shovel.
Broken water pipe

Service Line Insurance from Mitchell-Joseph Insurance can help you pay for both repairs and/or replacement of any damaged utility lines and water pipes located on your property. It will also cover whatever costs you might incur when having them fixed. An example would be any repair work needed if your landscaping was damaged during repair, and more.

To learn more about Service/Utility Line Insurance READ THIS ATICLE, which can be found on the Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Blog. You can always talk with one of our agents by calling (585) 624-2180.



Rental Property Insurance, also known as Landlord Insurance – protects non-owner-occupied rental properties. A landlord policy can cover a building rented to commercial tenants or to families and individuals. Residential properties include apartment complexes, condominiums, homes, or vacation property. Contact our office for details.

Victorian rental property home
Condominiums for the condominium insurance section


Condominium Insurance is similar to a homeowner’s policy, except that it works in conjunction with your condo’s homeowner’s association (HOA) insurance. Usually, external or outdoor areas fall under your condo association’s insurance, while any damages within your condo are your responsibility. Contact one of our agents for more details.

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