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Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Coverage

Mitchell-Joseph Insurance agents make it their priority to get to know you and your world. They are there to help you through the changes in your life and your business. Whether you’re going from renting an apartment to buying a home, getting married, adding a partner to your business, or adding a teen driver to your Auto Insurance policy, we're here to navigate the changes that may be necessary to your coverages. Click the links below to learn more about our insurance services.


What the TV ads from insurance companies don't tell you is that those low prices come at a cost––underinsured customers. We're focused on making sure you are adequately covered, not just on giving you the lowest price. We've gained a solid reputation for personal service you can't get by clicking a button online. Visit our Auto Insurance page to learn more.

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When an emergency happens, feeling safe that you're covered takes precedence over thinking about the amount of your premium payment. A $20k loss when you only have a $10k policy will make you wish Mitchell-Joseph was taking care of your insurance from the start. Visit our Home Insurance page to learn more.

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There are many types of Business Insurance policies available depending on the type of business you have and your particular needs. One of our insurance agents will help make choosing the right coverage a lot easier than if you tried to figure it out yourself, or by choosing the lowest online cost. 

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Renters Insurance helps protect you from liability, replaces your 'stuff' after a loss, and ensures that you have a temporary place to live. A Mitchell-Joseph Insurance agent can help choose the right coverage. Click the link below to learn more about protecting your belongings.


Farm & Country Insurance, a division of Mitchell-Joseph Insurance, insures dairy farms, grain farms, fruit farms, vegetable farms, and agribusinesses. We also provide crop insurance, a federally subsidized insurance program that protects growing crops. Visit the Farm & Country website by clicking the link below.

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The majority of disasters in the US involve flooding. In traditional Homeowners, Condominium, or Renters Insurance policies, Flood Insurance from a natural disaster is not covered. Maybe you feel safe not carrying flood insurance because you’re not living on a coast or are not in ‘flood zone’, but the risk is real and you could end up losing your biggest investment.


Auto Insurance and Home Insurance policies usually offer some degree of liability coverage, but won't protect you if you get sued for extremely large sums of money. Without Umbrella Insurance, the financial and emotional toll it can have on you, your family, and your business could be devastating.  We can help. Click the link below to learn more. 

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