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Auto Insurance Agencies in Honeoye Falls, NY

Naples, NY, and Rushville, NY

At Mitchell-Joseph, an independent insurance agency in Honeoye Falls, NY, Naples, NY, and Rushville, NY, our experienced professionals work diligently to find you the best Auto Insurance policy for your individual needs. We do our homework to find the policy with premium costs that meets your budget, while ensuring that you are adequately protected against loss. And because we represent 24 insurance carriers, we have the ability to meet all of your vehicle, boat, recreational vehicle, and collector car insurance needs.

BE INFORMED: TV and radio commercials selling Auto Insurance make a lot of boasts about offering you the lowest rates in the industry. The truth is, Auto Insurance is based on so many different variables that none of them are the lowest all the time. When an insurance company claims that they will sell you a policy that fits your budget, any agent or company can do this simply by cutting coverage. Often people will visit our agency after purchasing an inexpensive policy online or over the phone and don't know what they purchased. They only know that it was the least expensive thing they could find. Unfortunately, they often learn that the cheapest rate can cost them much more in the end. At Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Agency, we have an ethical obligation to give you the options that will best protect your vehicle, as well as protect you from lawsuits. 

INSURANCE PREMIUMS: If you're wondering what the factors are that determines your auto insurance premium, read our Blog information article to get some answers. And if you're wondering why you're seeing higher costs from insurance companies, we've got answers. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to call our offices and speak to one of our insurance agents.

CAR RENTALS: If you are planning a trip and will be renting a car, you may be wondering if your auto insurance policy will cover any damages to it. Our helpful blog article regarding rental car reimbursement may be of interest to you. 

Call on Mitchell-Joseph Insurance to help you find the right Auto Insurance policy that will best meet your needs. With three convenient locations to serve you, our insurance agencies in Honeoye Falls, NY, Naples, NY, and Rushville, NY, are looking forward to hearing from you. CONTACT US today.

Someone Polishing a Car on the Auto Insurance section


Our Car/Auto Insurance agents will help you determine how much coverage you need for yourself and your vehicle, the amount of deductible you are willing to pay out-of-pocket, and how much coverage you can afford. Then, we do the shopping around for you. We'll also look for ways you can save by not recommending coverage you don’t need and looking for available discounts.


A Boat Insurance policy protects you, your passengers, and your investment. It covers bodily injury, property damage, vandalism, theft, fire, guest passenger liability, and medical payments due to an accident. You can trust our insurance agents to provide the best insurance coverage for your boat, yacht, jet ski, speed boats, or sail boat. If you have any questions about coverage, contact one of our insurance agents.

A woman behind the wheel of a speed boat on the water in the boat insurance section
Scenic view of highway with mountains and a recreational vehicle


Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance includes many of the same coverages that you'll find on a standard Auto Insurance policy, but your auto policy may not protect motor homes, campers, ATVs, quads, golf carts, various types of trailers, van and bus conversions. The insurance pros at Mitchell-Joseph understand the variables of RV Insurance and will guide you on the best policy for your needs.


Mitchell-Joseph understands how to insure classic cars, which have their own unique requirements. If your car is damaged in an accident and you're at fault, repairs and replacement parts will be more costly than a conventional car. A Collector Car Insurance policy covers situations like this and more. We're experienced in insuring classic cars and can provide you with the protection you need.   

Vintage collector cars parked for the Collector car insurance section
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