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Although the insurance agents at Mitchell-Joseph Insurance are always available to answer any questions you may have about your insurance needs, just about everything you'd want to know about insurance can be found at the Insurance Information Institute.


We've also put together our own list of auto and homeowner information we thought might be helpful. You'll find articles from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as information for homeowners. We also have created articles on our BLOG to assist our clients in making informed decisions about their insurance policy choices. We will continue to add new articles, so why not subscribe below?

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Auto/Vehicle Owner Resources

NY Defensive Driving Course

Take the official DMV approved New York Defensive Driver course to get  benefits:

• 10% insurance reduction for three Years

•  Up to 4 points off your license

•. 100% online — No final exam!

Click on the link below to be taken to the official DMV site to learn more.

a driving instructor pointing to a diagram on a clipboard

Homeowner Resources

Hurricane Damage to a Home
Know What Content is Covered – and What Isn't

The contents of your home and garage are just as important as your home itself. Most Homeowner’s Insurance policies include approximately 70% of the homes coverage for your contents. 'Contents' are anything in your home not permanently installed. For instance, cabinets are not 'contents' but a dishwasher is. If you believe you have more contents than what is shown on your policy, talk to your agent!

A homeowner making a list of items for insurance purposes using a pad and pencil and a laptop computer
Make Lists & Capture Images

Note that if you should have a fire or other major disaster, you will have to list the items that were lost or damaged. If you don't have photos or video, this list will have to come from your memory. This is why we recommend that you take digital pictures or videos of every room in your home and store them at another location. Do you know if your home is underinsured? Read our Blog article to learn more.

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