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Factors that Determine Your Auto Insurance Premium

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Know the Factors that Determine Your Auto Insurance Premium

The advertisements for how much you could save on car insurance are everywhere. Claims include ‘Save 15%’ by going to one insurance company, get the lowest price on your car insurance from another. But any insurance company can say that they will offer you the lowest cost on your auto insurance – as long as you’re willing to decrease or eliminate various coverages designed to protect you. The result of falling for these advertising claims may result in your not be sufficiently covered should you have a claim and ultimately will not serve your best interests. The question is: Do you know the factors that determine your auto insurance premium? We can help.

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What Affects the Cost of Auto Insurance?

The amount auto insurance premium you’ll pay depends on many things which includes:

  • The type of coverages (collision, liability, comprehensive, uninsured and underinsurance motorist protection)

  • The type of car you drive

  • How often you drive your car

  • Where you live and park your car

  • If your car has anti-theft features

  • The deductibles and policy limits you choose

  • Your insurance score (a statistical tool that predicts the likelihood of your filing a claim and the likely cost of that claim)

  • Your gender and age

  • Your driving record

  • The state where you live

  • And more

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Saving Money on Your Auto Insurance

There are many discounts available that will help lower your insurance premium. These include:

  • Safe driver discounts

  • Continuous insurance

  • Multi-policy discounts

  • Multi-car discounts

  • Good student discounts (for those who qualify)

  • New or hybrid/electric car discounts

  • How and when you pay your premium

  • Driver training classes

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The professionals at Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Agency can help you determine which limits, deductibles and coverages are right for you. We can also help identify any discounts you may qualify for. Get in touch through our website's contact form using the link below.


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