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Basement flooded with cardboard boxes floating



 Flood Insurance in Honeoye Falls, NY,

Naples, NY, and Rushville, NY

For most homeowners, floods are a low-likelihood but high-cost risk. If you are hit by flooding you could lose your personal possessions, face major reconstruction work, and be left without a place to live for months while your property is made habitable again. In many cases, not having flood insurance is a chance you may not want to take. There is a National Flood Insurance Program that guarantees the availability of insurance in all areas of New York State. Mitchell-Joseph Insurance offers comprehensive Flood Insurance in Honeoye Falls, Rushville, Naples, Rochester, and other areas of New York State. 

Schedule an appointment with at one of our three convenient locations. We'll help you determine what type of Flood Insurance is right for your home or business. CONTACT US today.


A common myth is that Homeowners Insurance includes flood insurance, which is typically not the case. Another myth is that Flood Insurance is only needed for those living in a flood zone. But the truth is, flooding is a potential risk no matter where you live and damage that flooding can cause can leave devastating results. Make sure your home and belongs are protected. Call us today to learn more.

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Many business owners are unaware that their Commercial Property Insurance doesn’t cover flooding. Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Agency will design a policy that protects your business, its physical contents, and assets from damages resulting from flooding. We understand that your business is your livelihood. We can help you protect your investment. Contact us today to learn more.

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